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PG facilities Services to the studying girls in Pune

This facility is managed by and offered by highly professional group-to ensure excellent facility for only studding girls.
Stay Home PG –Situated in the heart of Pune City-Shivajinagar area surrounded by best colleges and competitive coaching classes-for MPSC/UPSC/Career guidance courses. We are offering excellent accommodation (PG) for Girls- Students in Pune, and offers various healthy facilities at an affordable rate.
Contact us for more details and facility booking. We are offering a comfortable and affordable PG facility. All our rooms are facilitated with excellent environment for study- keeping in mind the student’s needs. Our PG are the safest place for girls willing to reside in Shivajinagar area. Our PG fully secured & have 24×7 CCTV Cameras, high speed un-limited Wi-Fi, ample water, un-interrupted electricity and round the clock availability of parental support to ensure healthy and safe stay for Girls.